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Pasha Entertainment

Pasha Entertainment is a burgeoning independent film production company established in 2017 and based in Charlotte, NC. Founded by Victoria Bell and Pat Moore, Pasha began by producing short films and collaborating on projects with other companies in US and UK. Victoria Bell serves as the creative director and has assembled a versatile team that can take a project from a bare-bones concept to a polished, finished production. Bell herself is an accomplished writer, producer, director, and actress. Having filled these positions and others in several productions, has made her an experienced leader and gives her an insightful edge in bringing out the best in her team and developing the script. Pat Moore serves as the business mind behind the company with over 30 years of experience in business management in several other ongoing, successful companies. Moore also has had many years of experience in the music industry, working with nationally known artists and having a solo career of his own. Pasha Entertainment is proudly announcing its first full feature film, “Heir of the Witch”, to be released domestically and internationally via streaming platforms on August 4th, 2023. Pasha also has several other projects in the works with the feature film “5” being its next endeavor.


The beginning: Heir of the Witch is a story that was drawn from my personal fears, anxieties, and individual experiences. In my youth, I learned to write from my heart and immerse into my deepest feelings and at times was hesitant and ashamed to admit my families dark, malevolent past and reveal my worst nightmares. The story of Heir of the Witch was birthed from my own childhood happenings. My grandmother on my paternal side, was a formidable witch. I was told she sold her soul to the devil and couldn’t die until the spirit of the darkness released her ghost only after she passed the “gift” to someone else. Until this day, we do not know who she passed this “gift” on to as we no longer associate with that side of the family for fear of condemnation.

My father abandoned us when I was only 1 year old. His actions were a result of my grandmother’s “work” or so she claimed. I grew up with vividly, terrifying nightmares and a heaviness that carried though my waking moments that made me consistently fearful and weary of my surroundings. It wasn’t until I spent several months in a monastery continuously praying that this heaviness was lifted and the nightmares went away. I’ve always felt a deep shame and never wanted to admit that my paternal grandmother was a witch. But shame cannot survive in the same space as vulnerability. So I started to write…. Write what I know, write what I fear, write from where it hurts. Something cathartic happened through the process of producing this film. By speaking out about my fear and shame, I have conquered that within myself and have put the past behind me.


The process: although I was inspired by true events thru my family’s affairs, I took the script to a creative place, bringing in other elements of gothic horror, romance and a little twist to make a more impactful cinematic experience.


The story revolves around Anna, an heir of a witch, who does not want to carry on the family legacy (curse) and the spirit of her grandmother haunts her and tries to corrupt her thinking and actions in order to lure her into what she is destined to become.


Anna, a middle-class seamstress, takes care of her Aunt Rosie who is her only link to the family that is still alive and protects Anna. With the passing of Rosie, the witch becomes more present and torments Anna with disturbing visions of her past and her future. The witch desires to bestow the dark gift on to Anna, but she refuses to give in to the inherited curse.


The witch blinds Anna with a web of deception and she becomes pregnant. Now her child becomes the target of the witch’s endeavor to awaken the dark offering of her ancestors. The witch eliminates a series of people that comes in the way of Anna’s coercion, isolating her and creating chaos to the point Anna is questioning her own sanity. Will Anna be triumphant in her battle against the witch or will her and her child fall victim to the power of inevitability.


The production team of “Heir of the Witch” is formed of 80% women that came from all walks of life. Victoria is determined to encourage women to step up in front (or behind) the camera to express and tell their own stories."

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Behind the scenes


An underprivileged seamstress, haunted by her past, seeks love and acceptance in high society but is faced with the curse from her evil roots. Anna flees to America with her aunt at a young age, hoping for a bright future away from her turbulent past. Inspired by her mother, Anna develops a passion in her craft as a seamstress.


Anna's memories bring great pain, as she remembers the horrific death of her mother, caused by her alcoholic father and the torment that followed while in the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother, an evil witch, often bound young Anna to a chair in a dark room, while performing sadistic witchery on her with her own blood. Her grandmother's spirit lurks, constantly tormenting Anna in her solitude, provoking her to use the powers she was cursed with in her youth and to fulfill her dark destiny.


By sewing a dress for the beautiful and rich Chloe Hunt, Anna is lured into her world and becomes the puppet that everyone bullies and exploits.

Anna is also manipulated into becoming Chloe’s housekeeper, personal shopper, amongst other things in exchange for a fee and acceptance into their family, or so she thought. Being under pressure to care for her sickly Aunt Rosie, and the inability to afford her medication, Anna reluctantly accepts to Chloe's offer and finds herself under scrutiny and more torment from Chloe's high expectations. Falling into the web of the aristocratic Hunt family, Anna starts an affair with handsome and charismatic Nicholas Hunt, Chloe’s husband. Not long into the affair, Nicholas promises to leave his wife.

The spirit of the witch continues to harass and taunt Anna and finds herself in the reluctant position of using her powers in order to push the Witch's spirit away.

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W R I T E R , F I L M M A K E R

“ I think, at the end of the day, film making is a team, but eventually there’s got to be a captain” 
– Ridley Scott -

Victoria serves as the co-founder and creative arm of Pasha Entertainment, LLC where she has written, directed and produced many short films, as well as collaborating on several projects with other production companies. Bell has recently completed her 1st feature film, “Heir of the Witch” and is slated to be released domestically and internationally on August  4th, 2023 via streaming platforms.

Victoria’s passion is telling stories with an edge and works with extreme dedication, focus and enthusiasm on every project whether it be for others or her own. Bell loves to seclude herself and submerge into writing her stories and screenplays, but equally loves the hustle and bustle of the set production and the magical chaos that surrounds it. Her background in business and finance makes her proficient at managing projects on the administrative side, as well as being efficient in bringing projects in budget and on time. This, combined with her creative consciousness makes her “The perfect weapon” in film  production. Behind the camera, she has developed a talent to easily recognise which shots and angles are needed to best tell a compelling story that draws in the viewer and bring them into her world.

Outside of the bright lights of the set, Victoria cherishes nature and takes time to find tranquillity and peace strolling thru a park, a forest, or even her own backyard. She learned to appreciate “God’s gift” growing up in her country of Moldova where she was raised on a farm. While she enjoyed sitting by a tree and writing stories and poems, (which would eventually be the basis of some of her scripts), she was no stranger to chores and hard work. The art of film making is a wonderful, exhilarating and awe-inspiring experience, and to just be able to be on a team can be life changing. Victoria’s passion for film has taken her thru the ups and downs of production and she has developed the leadership skills, confidence and poise which earned her the title of “Captain”. This will be more evident upon the release of her 1st motion picture on August 4th and all her film releases to come.

Pat Moore Executive Producer of “Heir of the
Witch” is partner in Pasha Entertainment along
with several other successful companies. Pat’s
experience in Entertainment dates back to the
late 80’s where he worked with several musical
artists including the national recording group
“JODECI” along with many other musical
producers. It was during this time he learned the ins and outs of the Entertainment world,
keeping his ear to the ground and kept in touch
with many of his contacts. Thru the years Pat
has been involved with many short films leading upto this full feature film.

EMPIRE STUDIOS Empire Studios is a UK based production company that specializes in Film/TV production and Film/TV financing. Working with Film/TV producers worldwide, Empire raises money for their projects utilizing its relationships with motivated investors all over the world. Empire also produces high quality films for the worldwide marketplace and has recently launched its AI film studios in the UK with a development arm set up in the Caribbean. Empire studios is set to announce its partnership with a major distributor for their AI film slate at the Cannes Festival which has rapidly been gaining interest in the industry and government officials globally.

Electric Films: Darin Holiday Director of Photography/Editorof “Heir of the Witch” nurtured his passion as a child to work in film by learning to use his brother’s “Super 8” film camera while traveling with his family documenting their journeys. With this passion he went onto college to pursue his career in broadcasting and ended up working as a camera operator. Over the years he learned many techniques and developed “an eye” cinematically by working on many short films, eventually becoming the Director of Photography on 6 feature films and now has over 25 years experience working in film and video production.

Composer: James R. Wilson - Jam School Productions Working as a gigging musician thru his 20’s, James realized his true talent in writing and composing music for film in 2012. Starting out working on short films with filmmakers around the world, he landed his first full feature length film “The Caravan” Thru this he began working with director Louisa Warren where he composed on several films including “The Viking War” with Champdog films and later working with Empire Studios on the film “Cannibal Cabin” and other projects.

Norwood Ezzell - is a writer and an actor best known for his work on the feature films Fall Nights in China Grove and Heir of the Witch and most recently Break the Cycle. He has also appeared in the Morty series & The Birthday Butterfly. His commercial and industrial appearances include work for Jiffy Lube, Home Depot & Small Town Travel & Tourism. He wrote, produced and led in his own pilot Dill With It. Currently teaches the adult beginner acting classes at The Dortch Acting Studio, Charlotte, NC

Ben Holtzmuller is an actor and voice actor based in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Georgetown University. His film credits include Catalina, Those Seven Steps, Piercing, and Mystery Has a Name, with theater appearances at both the Echo Theater & the Hudson Theatre. He can typically be found in his home studio recording a variety of voices. He also teaches acting at one of LA’s top acting studios.

Lorayn DeLuca is a New York Strasberg trained actor who has performed on NYC stages including the Off Broadway hit “Tony ’N Tina’s Wedding”. Her career includes several films screened at Cannes Film Festival, a Variety Magazine photo feature story and a cover feature for LV Magazine. Ms. DeLuca was awarded Charlotte’s Best Actress by “Elevate Lifestyle’s Best of the City”, and is a proud Awardee of 50 Most Dynamic Women by Charlotte Media Group. She is an active member of the Southeast Film Community working on TV and feature films.

Vanessa Neff is an American actress who has appeared in over 20 films and numerous television commercials since beginning her career in 2019. With one feature film just released in early 2023 and 2 more projected later this year, including “Heir of the Witch”, Vanessa continues to work in film and television commercials.

Julian Brittano is an American Actor from
Newark, NJ. He had his first acting assignment in
2015 starring alongside Oprah Winfrey on OWN's
Hit TV Series "Greenleaf " for 2 seasons along
with other feature films such as "Back To The
Goode Life" a BET project and "Match Struck"
alongside David Kouchner.

Rachel Petsiavas is an American actress that
has 65 acting credits on IMDB since 2017. They
include a Lifetime movie “The Perfect Suspect”, a
SAG pilot “Soul Wars” along with many others.
Just finished wrapping up a part in the film “The
Vampire Next Door”, a feature film shot by New
Zealand Sons Films, she continues to be
involved in the industry as a working actress.

Deanna Rashell - Deanna is an accomplished actress and filmmaker known for her artistic talent and versatility. She's worked opposite Scott Bakula, Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer, James Brolin & Reg Rogers. She lived and worked in Hollywood for several years and has worked in various mediums of entertainment including film, television, and live productions. Deanna has appeared in numerous independent films and television series, showcasing her ability to take on diverse and complex roles.

Kate Dailey is an actress and filmmaker based in the Southeast. Kate grew up on a family hobby farm in Minnesota and graduated college Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Theater and Russian Studies. She has studied performance at the Moscow Art Theater in Russia, the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland and now works full-time as an actor. In her spare time she is a devoted dog mom, a Halloween aficionado, and a terrible dancer.


Chip White Chip has worked for some of Hollywood’s biggest companies, including King World, Sony,MTV, Vh1, Nickelodeon, and Discovery. He has also produced multi-award winning short films, including ‘A Chess Player, My Luchador, Crab Trap, Wages of Sin, Day Pass, A Wistful of Dollars and Black Dispatch’. He’s been an Associate Producer on INSP’s feature films ‘Heritage Falls, County Line and Christmas on the Range’. His indie features include ‘Electric Jesus’ and ‘Heir of the Witch’. You can also expect to see some of Chip’s handy art talents in the Lion’s Gate film ‘Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret’.

Beth Felice Born in NY to an Actress/Mother and TV Director/Father, Beth started her career as a child in theatre and commercials. After a long hiatus of raising three talented children, she dove headfirst into film and TV acting, and started quickly accruing over 35 film and TV credits, in addition to numerous commercial and industrial credits. With a passion for decorating, Beth began working in 2020 as a Set Designer for a handful of Indie film projects, and by 2022 she was working in multiple SAG productions as Set Designer and Art Director. In between films, she also enjoys performing as the lead singer of an established NC cover band.

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